Statement of solidarity against police brutality in Uganda

On behalf of the Global Shapers, Kampala Hub – we wish to extend our heartfelt solidarity and deepest sympathies to the families of the those who died at the hands of police brutality in Uganda. To date, since the unrest erupted – many remain unaccounted for and worse still, injured and silenced by the very [...]

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Join The Global Shapers Kampala Hub

In 2011, the World Economic Forum (WEF), recognising the immense value and potential of youth to improve the state of the world, established the Global Shapers Community, a community of motivated youth under the age of 33 who are exceptional in their talent and their leadership potential. Global Shapers are also dedicated to improving the [...]

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SINA Academy; Empowering Uganda’s Youth to become Job creators and Self leaders

Located in Mpigi, 35km outside of Kampala surrounded within a beautiful hilly landscape and lush greenery. The Scenery at SINA was breathtaking and serene. We were welcomed and showed around by Allen Nabulime, a current scholar at the academy. Started in 2014 by Etiene Salbon and Philipp Mäntele (A fellow Kampala Hub Global Shaper), they wanted to solve the [...]

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Realising the Sustainable Development Goals: How can we make the world more Sustainable?

Making the world more peaceful, prosperous and sustainable have been global agenda for many years. The history takes back in 2000 when the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were adopted; it was the first global anti-poverty movement. After fifteen years, a progress was made but the world realized to engage further effort to end extreme poverty, [...]

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Shaper Social Literacy Project Fundraiser

The Global Shapers Community-Kampala is an affiliate of the World Economic Forum which was founded in 2011. It is a network of young people all over the world who are working together to address local, regional and global challenges through driving dialogue, action and change. With over 7000 members, the Global Shapers Community spans 377 [...]

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Transforming East Africa Through Global Shapers

In 2011, Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, founded the Global Shapers Community to empower young people to play an active role in shaping local, regional and global agendas. The Community is a non-profit organization registered in Geneva, Switzerland and housed at the World Economic Forum. Born out of [...]

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Midas touch?

Over the past 6 months, I have achieved more success than I have in all my previous years combined. I got admitted to the MBA programs at Stanford (with a hefty fellowship), Wharton and Cambridge, was selected as a finalist in Uganda’s Young Achievers of the Year awards, got invited to speak at Horasis’ Global [...]

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The Black Box of Implementation of Policies in Uganda.

In program evaluation, implementation usually refers to the translation of policy either by an organization or company or government into action. Ideal policy formulation and implementation require perfect alignment and the active participation of all relevant stakeholders, such as: leaders, technical experts and professionals, and the targeted communities. However, implementation of policies is rarely fluid. [...]

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My first Shaper experience

By Kangye Buruguru It was a Saturday just like any other. The only difference—if really it is—is that it lazily drizzled may be as an act of ushering in the rain season. We gathered at what many of the MTN members of Staff know as the Green Restaurant. It is run by Donald and his family. He graciously hosts the Global Shapers there. I arrived early so I could find the place in time and also take time to study the environment of these people called the Global Shapers. The waiter in the green uniform, who later came to be our photographer played me host. This is when I realized that I was in the restaurant alone. Later on I was joined by Nixon. This Shaper doesn’t give hard time identifying. He looked very familiar, he looks exactly his avatar. [WhatS- app] […]

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Join us for an evening with the Global Shapers

We are so excited to be hosting you to an evening with Kampala Hub Global Shapers. Find details below. You can RSVP via this link. We are looking forward to meeting you all. Come with a friend.  

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