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My first Shaper experience

By Kangye Buruguru It was a Saturday just like any other. The only difference—if really it is—is that it lazily drizzled may be as an act of ushering in the rain season. We gathered at what many of the MTN members of Staff know as the Green Restaurant. It is run by Donald and his family. He graciously hosts the Global Shapers there. I arrived early so I could find the place in time and also take time to study the environment of these people called the Global Shapers. The waiter in the green uniform, who later came to be our photographer played me host. This is when I realized that I was in the restaurant alone. Later on I was joined by Nixon. This Shaper doesn’t give hard time identifying. He looked very familiar, he looks exactly his avatar. [WhatS- app] […]

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Four hours of inspiration

The school children having their meal By Stephen aka Dr Progress Wow, Wow, Wow!!! This was the only expression that kept coming out of my mouth. Not everyone knows the true value of what they have until they do not have it. A young girl was asked to draw a picture of the future she sees. What she drew was a window in front of which she stood feeling the fresh air blowing her hair. She made a comment that someday when she grows up she would build a house with a window. This is just one of the many moving stories you would hear from bright minds at the Anubhuti school 2 where 330 children with a yearly addition of 60 students are given almost 100% free education. Anubhuti means profound experience and assimilation leading to self realization. The mission of the school is to create a learning environment conducive to nurturing the learners and the educators to be creative, capable, companionate and equanimous citizens. The plan to achieve this mission is based on the Indian culture, the spirit of mutual independence, enlightened entrepreneurship and global outlook leading the children to be socially aligned environmentally conscious and sensitive human being. […]

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