By Kangye Buruguru

It was a Saturday just like any other. The only difference—if really it is—is that it lazily drizzled may be as an act of ushering in the rain season. We gathered at what many of the MTN members of Staff know as the Green Restaurant. It is run by Donald and his family. He graciously hosts the Global Shapers there.

global shapersI arrived early so I could find the place in time and also take time to study the environment of these people called the Global Shapers. The waiter in the green uniform, who later came to be our photographer played me host. This is when I realized that I was in the restaurant alone. Later on I was joined by Nixon. This Shaper doesn’t give hard time identifying. He looked very familiar, he looks exactly his avatar. [WhatS- app] We talked and he brushed the polish of Global Shaping on the leather of my brain. Like all other Shapers he asked that question, “So what do you do?” and before I could even explain myself, he had already told me about Amani Foundation, and was asking me for details of the Award that he had been nominated from the newspapers I  was reading, but did I even know? One by one of the other Shapers turned up all giving praise to the shapers (2) (1)

Our first meeting began with Shaper Ruth Aine telling us about Global Shapers. She welcomed us on behalf of Daniel, the Curator. We were three new Shapers turning up for the first meet since we had been announced; Gloria W Nanfuuka, Lorna Okwang and myself David Benon Kangye. We were asked to talk about ourselves in terms of what we do, what we like, why we applied, how we came to know of the application and our expectations. The other Shapers also introduced themselves in the same order and we were good to go. When Ronald came and he was asked to introduce himself, he went on and on, he had to be cut short. And indication that the Shapers were very passionate about what they do.

We had to come up with a challenge that would establish the Kampala Hub of the Global Shapers with an identity. The cause was to be exclusive of all the engagements of the Shapers but inclusive of the Mission of the Global Shapers globally. That was all and the rest was wrapped up in the follow-up envelope. The date for the launch was however fixed as 28th August 2014 in Kampala.

The meeting was adjourned but first group photos in the middle of Hannington Road as the Shapers posed with delight. I don’t really know why I had to freak out in the first place. I didn’t know that it would be that easy for me to fit- in comfortably with the “Global Shapers”. I found warm and charming people awaiting, it was  very humbling. I can’t wait to offer my service to the Kampala Hub.