Shem Opolot
Shem Opolot Curator
“When people experience great loss; particularly, the loss of loved ones due to preventable and/or treatable illnesses or accidents, it is usually devastating.”

Shemmy’s passion is healthcare; particularly, in low and middle income countries. Which is why after studying and working in the United States for close to ten years, his relocation to my home in Uganda was natural. Shemmy would like to see a future where everyone in low and middle income countries can access quality healthcare at an affordable price. He would also like to see health systems in low and middle income countries be fully equipped to handle all sorts of health challenges by prioritizing the patient and the overall health of the community.

Shemmy understands that it is a daunting task, but he believes that it is worth fighting for.

It is for this reason that Shemmy went on to attain extensive training in biology, chemistry, health systems, health policy and overall global health in order to better understand health systems, and think creatively about solving the most challenging problems faced by health systems.

His education background includes a BSc. in Biochemistry at Florida Southern College and a MSc. in Global Health, as well as a certificate in International Development Policy from Duke University.

Wartson Atukwatse
Wartson AtukwatseVice-Curator
Wartson Atukwatse is an Environmental Scientist and self made Librarian finding foot in Diplomacy and International Relations.He has served as the Programmes Coordinator at The Uganda Society – one of Uganda’s oldest Institutions (Founded in 1923) where he has been influential in reviving The Uganda Journal , monthly lectures and research affiliation .
He is a staff member of Biodiversity Heritage Library representing Africa and has been promoting digitization of information and old archives in Uganda for public access across the globe.

Wartson has also served as Logistics & Sales officer at Center For African Cultural Excellence where he was Assistant curator of the 4th Writivism 2016 festival.
He Co-founded The African Studies Bookstore (website: ) a both physical and online bookstore that stocks and distribute works by African Writers and those Writing about Africa in an effort to promote the reading and writing culture on the continent while easing the accessibility of African works. He lives in Kampala Uganda where he is building an African studies tower.

Winifred Apio
Winifred ApioGeneral Secretary
Winifred Apio is a 28-year old whose passion is human rights; most specifically gender and youth rights. She has a Master’s degree in Human rights and democratization in Africa from the University of Pretoria and a Bachelor’s degree in Community Psychology from Makerere University.

In the past year, she was involved in doing research and work in the field of gender rights in the form of advocating against sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria and in Swaziland.

She recently worked with the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team where she was primarily involved in interacting with victims of abuse and offering them counseling and recourse.

She has worked in the field of sexual and reproductive health for four years; volunteering for one year with Reproductive Health Uganda and working the next three at Straight Talk Foundation.

Working with and for the community has always been her passion and her dream is to open up a community based Organization that focuses on offering sexual and reproductive health services to the women and youth in the community through diverse channels; in order to counter the problem of poor health seeking behavior of most people who live in less advantaged communities.

Liz Kakooza
Liz KakoozaImmediate Past Curator
Liz is a passionate Communications professional with a little over 6 years working for different public & private sector organizations that range from energy to financial services.

She has a BA in Communications and is currently pursuing an MBA specializing in Marketing and a CIM Postgrad Diploma.

She recently left the corporate world to venture into non-profit and started The Tumaini Foundation to tackle Mental Health challenges on the continent and to partner with Alan Kasujja to build and grow The Gravitas Group. Liz is passionate about creating sustainable change on the African continent and believes in empowering people on the continent to create their own transformative change by creating African solutions to African problems. Liz is a serial entrepreneur.

She loves to write and uses this blog to discuss mental health issues and lifestyle. She believes it is through sharing stories such as her own that we will be able to #ChangeTheConversation around #MentalHealth.

She is a communications junkie and is always dreaming up new ways for brands to engage with their audiences and does this through Gravitas which not only services corporate clients but creates designs youth marketing solutions.

Liz has been a Global Shaper since 2016 and quickly rose to become Vice Curator at the beginning of 2017. She then took over as Curator in September 2017. This is her first legal tenure as Curator. Liz is also YALI Fellow 2017 and an inaugural LéO Africa Institute YELP Fellow.

Liz loves to read, is a trivia and documentary buff, a Shonda Rhimes die hard, neosoul & house music enthusiast.

Liz is 26 years old and is mother to a gorgeous little girl fondly referred to as Peaches

Pearl Gahwera
Pearl GahweraResearch & Monitoring and Evaluation
Head of Communications, 40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation – Uganda
Michael Matovu
Michael MatovuCommunity Relations & Partnerships
Founder & Creative Lead
Vocal Plus Media – Uganda
Roland Byagaba
Roland ByagabaHub Welfare
Byagaba Roland is a Ugandan ICT professional, writer and entrepreneur with over 7 years’ experience in the field. During this time, he’s been part of starting up several businesses in the IT and Media fields with varying degrees of
success. Currently, he’s focusing his energies on his two companies; Muwado, a budding social network focused on Africa, and BadidiTech, an IT company whose goal is making sure its clients have a professional online presence.

Career-wise, he’s helped the different organizations he’s worked with make strides in their IT, communications and marketing departments. Currently, he’s attached to Centre for African Cultural Excellence as the Project Director for Writivism, which is an initiative to promote African literature and writers. He’s also trying to complete his first novel.

Aisha AliFinance & Treasury
Founder – I Profile Foundation
Mugisha PascalFundraising & Events Management
Climate Change Officer, Ministry of Water and Environment – Uganda
Roberta KisubiCommunications and Engagement
Marketing Manager – Mango Tree
Dr Martin Balaba
Dr Martin BalabaGeneral Secretary
Balaba Martin is a medical doctor, health/tech innovation enthusiast, and entrepreneur. Dr. Balaba is currently working as a medical officer at IDI, under the Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation and Impact department as the digital Health lead. Martin is often engaged in the development and implementation of programs aimed at improving health care service delivery and ensuring access to quality health care for our patients. Martin is the founder of e-Health Solutions, Startup Company that aims to modernize the health system and improve overall population health through the development, deployment and integration of information technology solutions.

Martin is passionate about agriculture, and has such founded the RAINFOREST COFFEE farm, with a mission to become the leading producer of high-quality coffee for both local and international markets.

Martin is passionate about youth and often engaged in inclusive youth participatory platforms, policy advocacy, youth leadership, empowerment and mentorship.

Daniel Stephen 'Dr. Progress'
Daniel Stephen 'Dr. Progress'Shaper
Masters degree candidate in Research and Public Policy, Uganda Christian University. Development strategist; researcher; entrepreneur; activist; philanthropist. Aims to transform Africa to a first-world continent by 2030, where every human has equal opportunity to maximize their potential. Nicknamed Dr Progress for the creation of a poultry farm that finances computer literacy. Has founded and co-founded several organizations, including Leaders Club, Generation of Domination, GREEN UCU, Worldwide progress and Progress Farms. Currently researching how higher education institutions can teach 21st century skills. Interests: development and sustainability with a focus on education and agriculture.
Kullein AnkundaShaper
Founder/Director – Malketha Maternal Services
Donald Byamugisha
Donald ByamugishaShaper
Donald Byamugisha is a Partner at BITEPH Strategic Consulting (Uganda). A small private consulting firm focused on incubating start-ups in the Biosciences field including Technology Innovation, Clean Energy, Agro-Processing and Agri-Business. He oversees the Business Development Department. Donald is also a Project consultant and coordinator for Agro-Genetic Technologies Ltd in coordination with the Association of Agricultural Research in East and Central Africa focusing on Agricultural research for community development projects. This has enabled him to travel to rural farming areas across Uganda while also gaining experience in donor project monitoring and evaluation. He has also previously worked at the Biotechnology Industrial Organization, the world’s largest biotechnology trade association located in Washington DC. Donald holds a BSc. with honors in Biochemistry with Management studies from the University of Sussex and later went on to pursue a MSc in Biotechnology from Georgetown University. He also holds a Certificate of Completion in Social Entrepreneurship Research from Athgo International.

I have been a Global Shaper for 5+ years, this community has allowed to me serve as its curator, completed various local social impact projects and most importantly provided the opportunity to sit at that table through various events attended such as WEF 2014 in Abuja and The 2018 Fourth Industrial Revolution Scaleshop in Johannesburg. Personally the Global Shapers Community has been more than just an association but also a family having found brothers and sisters across the world, there is no city or town that I have visited and not been openly welcomed.”

Juliana BitarabehoShaper
Development – East, Central, Southern Africa College of Physicians (ECSACOP)
Ronald Ochoo
Ronald OchooShaper
Ronald is an enthusiastic gentleman interested in putting smiles on people’s faces and bringing change to his community. He believes that in everything he does, he should be impacting lives around him thus bringing positive impact to his community.
Ronald Ochoo is a Human Resource Specialist and a Legal practitioner currently employed by Munu Technologies Associates, a Business Process Outsourcing firm in Uganda. Ronald’s expertise includes Recruitment, Leadership and Management, Organizational Development and Management, Coaching and niche in Legal Practice. Ronald is passionate about helping businesses make the most out of the available resources and talents and helping individuals make the most of their job search. In addition to his accomplishments in Human Resource, he has provided career transition services for more than 5 years through one-on-one coaching, global group workshops, educational conferences and seminars at different global and local gatherings. He is also responsible for implementing people development strategies that enable organizations to recruit, train and retain a high performing and motivated work force. Ronald has also actively participated in the implementation and drafting of youth policies in Uganda.
Ronald is a worldwide participant in Commonwealth Youth Programs as a youth correspondent for Uganda. He was an Ambassador for Building Bridges Foundation Netherlands, Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme as an advisor and Africa Entrepreneurship Award as a youth advisor has continued to work with several other youth platforms and organizations across the world. Ronald is a Gold Award holder of the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for His out-standing exemplary services in the community, an Ashoka scholar on African Youth Employment and Health Intra-Preneurship, a Youth Ambassador for the Building Bridges Foundation which focused at implementing SDG Goal Eight among the youths in Uganda. Ronald is a sought-out leader on youth Policies, Entrepreneurship and legal obligations in the mining world.
Ronald holds a Bachelor of Laws with Honors from Uganda Christian University, a Postgraduate Degree in Human Resources from Uganda Management Institute, currently pursuing a double master’s in management studies and Master of Science in Leadership and Governance at Uganda Management Institute and Makerere University respectively.
Ronald has been a Global shaper for 5 years and served as a Curator in the period 2015/16 immediately after the founding Curator. This gave him a lot of opportunities to learn how best to run a successful hub thus increasing the membership as well as online presence and number of projects executed. During his tenure, he and his team over saw a successful visit by the Oxford University team following a partnership to offer MBA scholarship to 3 Global Shapers every year. Ronald has been able to attend World Economic Forum regional events such as the East African Competitiveness Report Launch in Kigali in 2016 and looking forward to attending more events in the years to come. Global Shapers Community isn’t just a community but a family and through which He has been able to share and learn a lot and there has been no event he has attended across the world and not found a Global Shaper looking out for him. He has made it a point to replicate these too whenever he checks out of any city.
Ronald has a view of a better world and fully utilizing the available resources for the good of our communities and thus making our world a better place.
Priscilla Busulwa
Priscilla BusulwaShaper
Priscilla is an English-trained lawyer who has had exposure to both Ugandan and English legal systems. She holds a particular interest in uncovering pragmatic approaches to problem-solving.

Key practice assignments have involved domestic and cross border corporate & commercial work, rendering legal support to complex commercial transactions, and providing varying regulatory advice.

Priscilla’s other interests lie in social justice, the interplay between the law, politics and economics, and the development of the Ugandan legal sector in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Kevin Lubega
Kevin LubegaShaper
Kevin is an Engineer by profession but is more passionate about entrepreneurship. He is involved in numerous businesses—all of which he has built from the ground up—spanning very diverse fields like e-commerce, digital financial services, real estate and hi-tech. He aims to contribute towards solving the biggest challenges we face in Africa, most especially those affecting underserved communities at the base of the pyramid. In line with that mission, he helped launch EzeeMoney, a Digital Financial Services firm, and he has grown it into a $40m a year operation with presence 5 African countries and is soon to open more operations on the continent.
Maria Kyamulabye
Maria KyamulabyeShaper
Maria Kyamulabye has more than 8 years of experience as a social entrepreneur. She has varied hands-on experiences working with different organizations such as NGOs to global consulting companies, in more than 5 countries. She is passionate about youth especially women working as a mentor and facilitator taping into the power of business and technology to change lives, not only in the urban centers but in the villages.

Currently, she is working with Andela – Uganda as the Operations Lead where her role involves creating opportunity for talent within the tech space through building partnerships within the IT eco-system and growing the Andela office in Uganda. She also trains and mentors with various organizations such as the Africa Entrepreneurship Award, We-Link Uganda, The Innovation Village and Mytown Fashions which are all focused on supporting entrepreneurs and innovators especially women through up-skilling and connection to networks and markets.

She is a highly sought after professional writer, speaker, facilitator and coach who is excellent in working with people to achieve their potential and objectives for impact.

Prosper Ahimbisibwe
Prosper AhimbisibweShaper
Dr. Prosper Ahimbisibwe is a medical doctor on a mission to shape a healthier and happy world. He is a Global Shaper (Kampala Hub) under the World Economic Forum and a Young Emerging Leaders Project fellow. He has a passion for healthcare entrepreneurship and is a Co-founder at mSCAN Uganda and Chief Executive Officer at Kangaroo Plus.
Dushime Franz Derrick
Dushime Franz DerrickShaper
Dushime Franz Derrick is an IT professional, Social worker, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Crypto-currency Trader. To leave a better world than he inherited is his life mission. He is the CEO of Eden Group Universe- A manufacturing company based in Burundi, He co-founded Tech30 International LTD – an IT and Branding Company based in Uganda, Maggi’s Shop in Burundi – A Retail shop in Burundi. He is also behind several projects such Harmonious Leaving community – A Program meant to raise more leaders in EAC, “CA NOUS CONCERNE TOUS!” Association – The first youth association in Burundi to fight against Climate changes, Red Cross Youth Volunteer and so on.
Nabwire Polyne
Nabwire PolyneShaper
Nabwire Polyne, is a proud activist, entrepreneur, social worker who is passionate about the rights of women and children.
Abraham Banaddawa
Abraham BanaddawaShaper
Abraham Banaddawa is an author and an entrepreneur who founded Crescent Valley Farms an Agribusiness dedicated to sustainable agriculture whilst improving the lives of its employees.
Abraham loves solving problems and is passionate about financial services and how they can be used to liberate people across the world but especially in the developing world. He is constantly brainstorming about SDG 10 and working on solutions to provide greater access to financial services and affordable capital to the current generation of entrepreneurs looking to create positive change in today’s world. As a creative consultant Abraham has worked on a myriad of projects in both the private and public sectors and believes that it takes innovation in both policy and industry to bring about sustainable development.
Vanessa Kihuguru
Vanessa KihuguruShaper
Vanessa Kihuguru is a Quantity Surveyor based in Kampala, Uganda. She’s a graduate of the University of Cape Town, where she acquired a BSc in Construction Economics and Management, and also holds certification in Prince2 Project Management.

With a passion for working with children, she sits on the board of a non profit organisation named Girl-EMED, whose aim is to make a positive difference in the lives of girls using education as a tool for empowerment. She’s also interested in transforming spaces to fit individual clients’ needs using the fine application of interior decor.

Ivan Koreta
Ivan KoretaShaper
Ivan Koreta enjoys meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience. I have experience varying in computing and engineering practices, leadership, public relations, strategic planning, public speaking, writing, negotiations, research, customer service and digital communications among others.

I am dedicated, astute character, outgoing, and a team player. I also currently engage in Community service through the Rotaract Uganda fraternity which I subscribe to.

Nana OmondiShaper
Administrative Assistant – CryptoSavannah Uganda
Mohamed Okash Sugow
Mohamed Okash SugowShaper
Okash is a young Development Strategists and passionate about Development, Sustainability, Peace and Security with the focus on Agriculture, Clean energy, innovation and Justice & Strong Institutions. He a Researcher, believe in Entrepreneurship, Activist and SDGs Advocate. One of Okash’s Life Goal is to end poverty, inequality and conflicts globally; therefore, he strongly believes in humanity and the power humanity has to make the world a better place if empowered and provided with the opportunity. He is strongly passionate about global socioeconomic transformative goals including the Global Goals and Agenda 2063. Moreover, He empowers others to maximize their God-given potentials to make the planet more peaceful, prosperous.

He graduated from Humanities and Social Sciences schools and holds Diploma in Education at Mogadishu University, BA in Public Administration at SIMAD University, MA in Development Studies at Kampala International University (candidate). He has been successful participating several online class from and and took verified Courses from Harvard University, University of Oxford and many others. Okash is Active Member of different change making movements, and he is co-founder and Secretary General of SDGs Network Uganda. Okash is Expertise in teaching & researching, social and political activism. Finally, Mr Okash is a loving person to serve humanity for rest of his life.

Timothy Mugume
Timothy MugumeShaper
Timothy Mugume is 27 years old and comes from a family of 6. He is a Chartered Accountant and graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
He is currently the Country Manager Jumia Travel Uganda and loves to travel, network, read extensively, music and sport and is passionate about philanthropy.
Dr. Eva Namusoke
Dr. Eva NamusokeShaper
Dr. Eva Namusoke is a knowledge management professional with a background in Ugandan history.

She has lived and worked in 9 countries across 3 continents. Her PhD in History at the University of Cambridge focused on church and state in post-colonial Uganda. She now works in Kampala at MARPs Network Limited, a Ugandan organisation that focuses on HIV programming for key populations, as the Knowledge Management Team Leader.

In addition to working in public health, Eva continues to be active in academia and has participated in engagements in Uganda and abroad.
She believes that access to knowledge is crucial in empowering individuals and communities and actively pursues initiatives that improve access to history specifically, and knowledge more generally.

Kennedy Odokonyero
Kennedy OdokonyeroShaper
Kennedy Odokonyero is a Registered Pharmacist, and work to support pharmaceutical companies develop and strengthen their quality assurance and quality management systems. He is a student of Master of Science in Pharmaceuticals and Health Supplies Management at Makerere University.

Outside the office, Kennedy is passionate about advocating for the advancement of pharmacy profession and developing pharmacy leaders. His opinion editorials has featured in Uganda’s leading newspapers; Daily Monitor and New Vision and international media such as Voice of America. He’s an active member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda and International Pharmaceutical Federation.

He has spoken at several industry events, including 2016 International Forum of Pharmacy Students in Nanjing, China; 10th Annual Scientific Conference of Tanzania Pharmaceutical Students’ Association in Iringa, Tanzania; and 6th International Pharmaceutical Students Federation African Pharmaceutical Symposium (IPSF) in Kumasi, Ghana.

He is a YELP Fellow at Leo Africa Institute and Global Shaper at Kampala Hub.

Raymond Mujuni
Raymond MujuniShaper
Raymond Mujuni is a 24 year old investigative journalist in East Africa currently working with NBS TV.

Raymond is a two time winner of the National Journalism Award for explanatory reporting and Investigative Reporting for his stories that exposed a high end government to government deal for the exchange of refugees for guns between Uganda and Israel.

Raymond is a multimedia journalist with apt skills in using innovative ways to tell stories. At NTV, he used data and visualizations together with human sourcing to put a face to stories that defined the country.

He has reported from the slums of Kibera on unserved justice for Kenya’s Post-election Violence victims, to the dangerous youngest nation of South Sudan on the refugee crisis. He has been at the center of reporting for stories on income inequality, technology innovations and Uganda’s development agenda.

His experiences have earned him a column at the Daily Monitor, the country’s most authoritative paper and regular commentary on both local and international media on stories seeking to understand the region and the country.

Raymond is a thought leader and fellow with Leo Africa’s Young and Emerging Leaders Fellowship, a programme seeking to provide home grown, thought driven, solutions to the problems facing Sub-Saharan Africa.

He is a common moderator of panels seeking to find solutions to local problems and in February 2016 premiered as the youngest male news anchor for Prime News in Uganda with NTV.

Raymond is passionate about reading and charity and volunteers his time with 40 days over 40 smiles, a foundation using social media to source local solutions for education and health challenges faced by children in Uganda

Rodney Nganwa
Rodney NganwaShaper
Rodney Nganwa is a Lawyer and Entrepreneuer.

Having graduated in the top percentile of his law class, Rodney went on to pursue his passion for business. He has established his niche in the microfinance and transportation sectors. With over seven years of experience in these fields now, Rodney has impacted numerous lives and left a mark on those sectors.

Peter Muzoora
Peter MuzooraShaper
Peter Muzoora is a passionate business analyst skilled in achieving operational efficiency and increasing revenue within the manufacturing, finance and IT industry. In his spare time I love to read, swim, and talk global business trends.

Peter is Head of Operations at The Good Hair Collective.

Sandra Ahamya
Sandra Ahamya Shaper
A lawyer at Bowmans Uganda and a co-founder at Lawyers’ Hand Africa.
I am a humanitarian and book lover.
Brian Ntambirweki
Brian NtambirwekiShaper
Brian is a dynamic experienced professional with a diverse skill set including Strategy Development & Execution, Team Leadership & Management, Budgeting, Product Positioning & Branding, Marketing Strategies & Campaigns, PR & Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, as well as Negotiating & Maintaining Partnerships.

Brian has built considerable experience in Marketing and Finance, working with some of the best companies in the World. He has built skills in building and executing strategy, developed exemplary communication skills and an analytical skill set; enabling him to provide pragmatic, effective, and cost-conscious solutions to any business challenge.

Brian is currently the Marketing Director of Virtual University of Uganda.