Project Description

Problem Statement 

Despite the clear determination and creativity among entrepreneurs in Uganda, there continue to be serious roadblocks to the success of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Challenges MSMEs face include: 

  1. Lack of govt support
  2. Lack of financial literacy
  3. Lack of funding (linked to above)
  4. Lack of innovation


As Global Shapers, we have the opportunity to address some of these challenges and equip MSME founders with the knowledge and networks they need to succeed. We do this through an initiative called Business and Biscuits. The focus is on individuals in the earlier stages of their MSME with an emphasis on building best practices into working patterns. Business and Biscuits creates a space where individuals learn a variety of skills and hear from experienced professionals, as well as test out new ideas. We ensure we focus on the Uganda context, making it both relevant to our audience and speaking to the larger Hub goal of serving our community. We focus on a number of key areas including: 

  • Fundamentals of running a business – for first-timers with no experience
  • Useful information for people who have already started businesses and are facing challenges
  • Communication in the 21st Century: tips and hacks to look more professional
  • How to make your business funding ready
  • Legal: the importance of getting registered, trade licenses etc.
  • Sustainability 
  • Buy-Uganda, Build Uganda: how to make quality products, how to improve branding