Project Description

Theme: The Role of The Youth in creating Sustainable Regional Collaborations and Integration in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Meet Up East Africa 2018 was an inaugural regional summit of Global Shapers with over 200 participants from the 8 African countries that constitute Eastern Africa i.e. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia.

The Meet Up East Africa was born out of Shape Africa; which is an annual summit hosted by The World Economic Forum for Global Shapers and other partners and stakeholders from across the continent. The 2018 Shape Africa was held in May in Johannesburg, South Africa and it was from that engagement that the idea to hold a regional dialogue was born. As Global Shapers, we believe that even as we are mandated to address issues at a Global level, it is pertinent that we address those directly affecting the communities in which we live first. The Meet Up East Africa aimed to do just that.

The inaugural The Meet Up East Africa summit was held in Kampala, Uganda from the 18th – 20th October 2018.

Coupled with a stellar ensemble of panellists, the 3-day event brought together the brightest young minds in the region to discuss solutions to issues that directly affect their communities. Coupled with a stellar ensemble of panellists and speakers, The Meet Up East Africa was a remarkable inaugural event. Under the theme of Youth and Regional Integration in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, The Meet Up East Africa addressed a range of issues, with a focus on critical engagement and pushing for regionally specific solutions.