Theme: The Role of The Youth in creating Sustainable Regional Collaborations and Integration in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Meet Up East Africa 2018 was an inaugural regional summit of Global Shapers with over 200 participants from the 8 African countries that constitute Eastern Africa i.e. Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, [...]

Waste Management Campaign

Areas in particularly poor waste management conditions are the ”high population density areas” and as such, there is a greater need for assistance and “a little would go a long way”. With this campaign, the Hub is exploring a mixed-initiative; fundraising for equipment, stakeholder engagement, policy advocacy, and a service day.  The current proposed community [...]

Skills Gap Analysis

The Challenge A big part of the unemployment situation in Uganda is as a result of the gap between the skills job seekers have and the skills employers are looking for to do a particular job, and knowledge about this deficiency. Skills gaps are deficiencies in performance caused by lack of skills for the workplace [...]

‘Pledge 3’ Blood Donation Project

Access to safe blood is a key component of an effective health care system and voluntary blood donors are the basis of safe blood supply. In Uganda, the annual blood donations are often insufficient to address the high transfusion need. Hospitals run of blood to give to sick children and pregnant mothers among others who [...]

Read To Change Literacy Program

Background and Problem Statement Although Uganda has been commended for improving on the access to education through its Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education programs, there are still gaps in the quality of the education being provided. This fact is further manifested in the high failure rates registered in the annual national examinations, over [...]

Business and Biscuits

Problem Statement  Despite the clear determination and creativity among entrepreneurs in Uganda, there continue to be serious roadblocks to the success of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). Challenges MSMEs face include:  Lack of govt support Lack of financial literacy Lack of funding (linked to above) Lack of innovation Solution  As Global Shapers, we have [...]